Barbie: Modular Architect Makes Her Debut

At the recent AIA convention in New Orleans a very special kind of modern ‘debutante ball’ (aka a product launch) was held for the newest member of the architectural community – Barbie.

The architectural ball was well attended and well received as Barbie made her debut. In grand southern tradition, young women of all ages participated in the celebration. The party theme was “design” and attendees did what all architects love to do: talk about architecture, discuss client’s needs, debate the latest styles, share professional experiences and design dream homes.

A special part of the ball was the AIA’s announcement of a design competition for AIA members to design their own dream house for Barbie. Read more about the competition here:

Architect Barbie is a special kind of architect as she may be the world’s first Modular Architect. Using the latest in modern methods of construction, she was assembled from six prefabricated components (a head, a torso, two symmetrical arms, and two symmetrical legs) that were then assembled off-site into a complete architectural package ready for delivery.

After her debut party, Architect Barbie went on an architectural tour of New Orleans. Here are some pictures of her Uptown tour:

While waiting to catch a streetcar, Barbie points out the pedestrian oriented street signage indicating the location of her cotillion, the New Orleans convention center.

In the Uptown neighborhood, Barbie, an architect committed to the AIA’s 2030 Challenge, enjoyed the public transportation. Here she watches as the St Charles Avenue streetcar heads towards Tulane University.

Barbie stops to enjoy the masonry details of one of the large historic homes on St Charles Avenue.

Barbie admires the craftsmanship and detailing of the traditional wrought iron seen throughout historic New Orleans.

The large front porches and lush front yard landscaping of New Orleans homes appeal to Barbie’s community sensibilities.

Barbie is struck by the somber beauty of one of New Orleans many cemeteries. The nearby rising Mississippi River and the possibility of flooding remind her of why the crypts are above ground.

Back at the streetcar stop, Barbie waits for the car back to the French Quarter. She is looking forward to a dinner of shrimp Creole, a New Orleans favorite.

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