Offsite Design-Build Services
DfM/Design for Manufacture + Architectural Modularization + Prefabricated Manufacturing

The process of constructing buildings has changed little in the last couple of centuries. Until now that is. What was once a sloppy, haphazard, weather dependent process can now be largely achieved within the climate and quality controlled environment of a factory.

Miletus Group is fully engaged in the process of DfM, or Design for Manufacture, and offsite construction. We believe that this method of design and construction brings tremendous value to the building process. It adds predictability to the schedule, quality to the product and efficiency to the use of materials and labor. This makes offsite construction the value driven option, being a more cost effective and sustainable way to build.


Miletus Group is one of the very few architectural firms in the world with the experience and commitment needed to advance offsite construction to real projects in meaningful ways.

As architects interested in creating great structures via a variety of approaches, we offer our clients several levels of engagement with DfM and Offsite. First, we can start a design with modularization as the goal. Second, we can convert an existing traditional design so that it utilizes modularization and offsite methods. Third, we can manufacture offsite components via our Midwest USA sister manufacturing company Miletus Building Systems. And, fourth, for any global location, we can provide design and other top level consulting expertise and help by being the liaison with manufacturers anywhere in the world.