Sustainable Architectural Services
Green Design + Energy Modeling + Energy Analysis

The public awareness of green and sustainable building has grown substantially in the last ten years. This has had the benefit of raising client awareness as relates to both the construction and post-occupancy operational processes. It has also become a critical item in cost control and value engineering as energy costs and planetary pollution continue to rise.

We offer our clients a high level of green services, including  basic and advanced green design principles, advanced energy analysis during the design phases, and post construction building energy analysis including blower door and infrared thermography.

At Miletus Group we are committed to delivering architecture that embodies the classic traits of firmness, commodity and delight in a larger context. We are also fully committed to designing sustainability into every project we do.  

This commitment to sustainability is carried through in our own business practices. We are proud to have achieved carbon neutral status in 2011 within all of our business units, including our modular production facility. In 2010 our modular production facility achieved 95% recycled waste standards. We are also proud to have made the AIA's 2030 commitment to achieving zero carbon building designs by 2030.

Whether you want a USGBC LEED(R) certified building or simply the knowledge that your building is as energy efficient as possible, we can provide the services needed to create architecture that is a good planetary citizen.