Traditional Architectural Services
Architectural Design + Urban Design + Site Selection + Land Entitlement Services
Miletus Group is a full service architectural and urban design firm. We strive for creating excellence in the built environment. Whether it is buildings, infrastructure, neighborhoods or communities, we bring creative solutions to every project. We take the time to understand a project's own heart and soul. We know every project has its own internal needs, but we are also contextualists. Like people, buildings and other structures do not live in isolation. Good architecture requires healthy buildings, but also a fresh look at the site, the community and the culture that surrounds each built project. There is often an interdependent synergy between community, site and building which serves to inform each other and make the whole ensemble stronger. Whether we are working on a design for a module, a building or an entire neighborhood, we always step back and take the long view. This brings an understanding of the bigger picture of context to the project at hand and makes the final result a much richer solution.
Large or small, our approach to each project is comprehensive and site-specific. Each project is taken on as a new response to client and context, regardless of program or budget.

Because of the breadth of our experience and practice, and our constant search for new knowledge in architecture and city building, we offer our clients a unique path to creating architecture that is carefully considered, practically designed, aesthetically rewarding, and a good citizen within its context. Like our clients, we want these structures and projects to be seen as useful in their first use, and cherished for years to come.

Miletus Group is built on the broad scope notions of Design + Build + Develop. Because of the breadth of our background, we believe that understanding these three elements is essential to the process of turning ideas into buildings and buildings into architecture.

In the early stages of property development, whether for private or public use, it is important to be able to begin with a clear idea of whether a particular site and program are compatible or not. This stage is the 'foundation' of the entire effort. Thoughtful consideration of the site and program are always warranted. As architects with design, building and development expertise, we can bring this experience to the early stages of a project and help analyze the goals and objectives of a project against the realities of the site. We can help with early analysis and visualizations and assist in understanding if a project will ultimately meet the overall project objectives. 

Because we have experience in very large scale projects and the early planning process, we can also assist in the entitlement process of properties not currently holding vested zoning rights to a particular project type. In some cases this can be a simple process, in others it may mean coordinating a project team to bring property development from one level of approved use, to a much higher one. In essence, our ability to assess, analyze, design, illustrate, communicate and process such projects can bring real value to the early stages of a public or private development idea.