The Miletus Group, Inc. was created to bring the synergistic ideas of design, build and development together under one guiding entity. Miletus' founder, James B Guthrie, AIA, brought together extensive experience in architecture, urban design, construction, manufacturing, and development with the goal of creating quality built environments that work together in a highly integrated project approach. The over arching principle of the Miletus Group is to deliver high quality architecture, that benefits our clients and the society the structure lives in.

The portfolio of work carried out by Miletus Group and its principals range from individual custom homes, to medium and large scale residential, commercial, government and hospitality projects, as well as master planned communities, neighborhood revitalization, and contextual urban design projects.

Miletus Group also specializes in innovative construction methods. We have acquired our own manufacturing facility for offsite modular construction, and can incorporate the benefits of this methodology when appropriate.

This method of construction has many various applications in building, but is especially suited to multi-family residential, medical,  hospitality and other 'cellular' building types. Our detailed experience in this method of construction has made Miletus Group one of the leading modular/prefab architectural design firms.


Our offices and manufacturing facility are headquartered in the Midwest, close to our Chicago roots. Our work, however, takes us around the globe. The architecture of Miletus Group is rooted in the strong history and dedication to the quality that exemplifies Chicago architecture, but we also push ourselves to ever greater levels of design, vision and innovation.

We are firm in our belief that architecture is the result of multi-faceted creative thinking. As Vitruvius summarized for us c.15 BC, a building becomes architecture when it achieves "firmness, commodity and delight". We strive to attain these three principles in every project we undertake.